Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Best Ways On How To Whiten Your Teeth

There are many factors that can cause teeth discoloration. Discolored teeth are very unattractive to look at, and sometimes can cause lack of self-confidence to meet and face new people and colleagues. Because of this, many people are thinking on how to whiten their teeth, and have that pearly white smile.
The first step on how to whiten teeth is to avoid the factors that cause it. 

To know some of the most common causes of skin discoloration, please see the following information below:

1.    Cigarette smoking
2.    Drinking too much coffee
3.    Plaque and cavity buildup
4.    Aging
5.    And taking certain medications
People who are looking for ways to whiten teeth will always have medication and OTC treatments to choose from. Nonetheless, the kind of treatment needed to whiten teeth will depend on the severity of your discolored teeth.

Here Are The Steps On How To Whiten Teeth
1.    Make sure to brush your teeth on a regular basis, to prevent further plaque and cavity buildup, and to brush off the elements that causes more stains to your teeth.

2.    Fortunately, the market provides toothpastes, gels, and whitening strips, that can be bought OTC, to help in the process of whitening teeth. Just make sure that the product that you are buying, is highly recommended or approved by the ADA or the American Dental Association.

3.    Make it a habit to visit your dentist for a regular cleaning. Brushing your teeth alone may not be sufficient to remove stains and other remains that may cause cavity. However, a dentist will be able to extract them all, and leave your teeth clean and healthy.

4.    Aside from considering dental cleaning, you may also want to consider teeth bleaching. You can buy OTC teeth bleaching kits from stores nationwide, or you can also have the procedure done in a dental clinic.

5.    If you have the money and you need to have instant white teeth, you can consider having veneers, which is one of the modern dental procedures to have the best set of teeth, and that pearly white smile.

These are the best ways you can consider, on how to whiten your teeth. Go ahead and explore which one will work best for you, depending on your needs and budget. Never try to remove the stains of your teeth by yourself, because this will just damage the enamel or the outer layer of your teeth, which will cause future damage. 

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